Lombard Soup (Venice, 1572)


500g of carrots
1 Liter broth from the meat
a branch of the fresh thyme
a (dagger´s) knife point of ground clove
half a small spoon of cinnamon
salt & pepper
100g of crumbled (hard) cheese

Boil the carrots in a big pot on the fireplace. Do this until they fall apart.
Add the herbs to the pot. Once served add the cheese on top.

Day by day you can lengthen the soup with fresh water. Don´t dare to take the stinky brackish water from the open well of the town. If the soup´s too watery, just add crumbled bread.

This soup should last for a week at least to fill yourself and your brats.
Take 2 liters of the broth if you have more than six of them.

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