Stadtanzeiger, 27.01.2018

A picture from the start of the tour. Published on 24.01.2018 by the newspaper “Stadtanzeiger”, category “Portrait”. To the online article…

Soester Anzeiger, 24.01.2018

The article published in the newspaper Soester Anzeiger and Stadtanzeiger describes the tour and quotes the script of the Nightwatchman of Prague. During the interview the question came up, where the nightwatchman would go and talk about if having this … Read More

Westfalian News, 25.12.2017

One of the last tours in Germany 2010, the old picture brought the Nightwatchman of Prague back into the local newspapers of Münster, the city where 1648 the end of the 30-years war was announced. To the online article…

Westfalenpost 12.01.2018

The Westfalenpost wrote an article about the Nightwatchman of Prague and his roots to his home country, where he grew up in the area called “Sauerland”. The article highlights the reasons and motivation doing this kind of specific tours in … Read More