Terms & Conditions

Our website: www.night-watchman.net

We confirm
We herewith confirm that we operate under official registration at the Czech Republic
Mestska Cast Praha ,  IČO: 05567009, DIČ: CZ8010191321, David Merten, Seifertova 2174,
25082, Úvaly, Czech Republic.

Reservation and booking
The booking and registration of our tours is according to below conditions of participation.
The booking for private but also open tours can be done via phone or in written form. The
booking or reservation request is formally binding with a written confirmation or when
purchasing directly the ticket.

Participation and conducting the tour
For private tours we do not have a minimum number of guest. However, we have a minimum
rate up to 10 people. For each additional person apply reduced prices.
We offer our open tours according to fixed schedules. A minimum number of 2 people is
needed. We require a pre-advanced notification also for our open tours through our website or
via email. The meeting point is described on our website and is mentioned in our booking

Weather and other influences
Our tour follows a themed route. We may change this route during occasional festivities,
demonstrations, concerts, etc. for the benefit of our guests. Our tour also operates during bad
weather, such as snow, wind and rain. Our tour guide may do a last minute cancelation or
intermit the tour if there is a real danger due to bad weather.

Prices and starting times
The starting times and prices are as per our seasonal product offers. For private tours we can
be flexible according to your needs.

Open tours can be paid cash directly to the tour guide. We accept payments in €, USD and
CZK, change is only in CZK.
For private tours the total amount has to be paid upfront through bank transfer.
Kindly add the reference number when doing the transfer. You will receive the reference
number via email from our office once we confirmed your booking.
Once we received the payment we will send you a confirmation receipt.
The payment needs to arrive on our account at least 2 days prior the tour.
Your tickets will be printed and handed over by your tour guide at the beginning of the tour.

Cancellation of a booking
Private tours can be only canceled at least 3 days prior the tour start. From the complete
refund we just deduct 130,- CZK handling fee.
We do not give refund for a cancelation less than 3 days prior the tour.
Open tours can be canceled at least 2 hours in advance prior the tour start in written
confirmation. We charge the full amount for the open tour if canceled less than two hours
prior tour start.

Change of booking reservation
We do our very best to adapt to your change in schedule. Whenever you need to change the
reservation to a different day or time we reach out to our guides to find an alternative date. However, we accept those requests only at lest 2 hours prior the tour start of open tours and at
least 24 hours prior a private tour. We can´t guarantee the change but will do our best to
accommodate. All booking changes requested later than those cut-off times will be
disregarded and fall under the cancelation rules.

Waiting times
Our guides are usually awaiting you at the meeting point before conducting the tour.
You can contact our office in case of a delay from your side. For our evening tours we
forward the call directly to our tour guides.
We wait up to 15 minutes for a private tour, 10 minutes for an open tour.
There is no refund for a no-show and the booking for an open will be charged if not paid yet.

Accountability and 3 rd party liability
Night-watchman.net is accountable for the preparation of the tour and its contents, for the
training of our guides, the correctness of the specification of services and the quality of the
tour itself. We are not accountable for any 3 rd party provided service, such as restaurants, etc.
The guest is accountable for his/her caused damages. This also includes any injuries that may
occur during the event.

Please always follow the instructions of your tour guide to ensure safety, especially at public
places and when crossing streets.

Last but not least…
We constantly improve our services for our guests. Hence we look forward to your feedback
and appreciate your recommendations. We wish you a safe travel, a very pleasant stay in the
city and great tour with your Nightwatchman of Prague.