• The Nightwatchman of Prague

    The Nightwatchman tour in English, German and Czech: daily upon advanced reservation

  • The Plague Doctor of Prague

    Explore the times of the Black Death through the eyes of a Plague Doctor

  • The Nightwatchman of Prague

    Tours in German, English and Czech

  • The Nightwatchman of Prague

    Follow the medieval watchman from the old Powder Gate to the Charles Bridge

  • The Plague Doctor of Prague

    Follow the track of A. Schamsky in year 1715 and search for a cure

  • Check our Souveniers

Welcome dear travellers!

With passion for history and drama play we take you back to the old days of Prague. Join our interactive tours from the point of view of medieval characters:

The Nightwatchman of Prague – Fight the fire and the purse-cuts. 

The Plague Doctor of Prague – Fight the plague and search for a cure.


What's Included

Free Pick up at hotel or restaurant

Our tour guides can pick you up if you stay in the Old Town of Prague for private tours.

Fact based history & stories

Prague´s history is rich, no reason to sell you a fake experience.

Free Reminder

Receive a kind reminder 12 hrs prior your event, of course a free service.

Where to go?

You need a recomendation? Our guides can recommend you where to go.


We offer the bread of common people during our Nightwatchman tours. We offer a sweet surprise during our Plague Tour.


Our Nightwatchman shows you the most impressive sights of Old Town including a beautiful view on the castle. Our Plague Doctor takes you to the hidden gems of the Old Town.

Our Tours

„Are you well-born nobles or peasants?!?"

"Welcome to Prague, dear travellers. Why are you straying around in the dark? As long as you are no purse-cuts you can follow me, close by, at my heels. We start at the Powder Gate and walk to the Charles Bridge. Now, hurry up, a king´s awaiting us…“

„Hands off that water!"

"Don´t drink that. There is no water in my time, you'd better have the liquid bread. 3 Liters of beer with garlic per day or are you weary of life? You need some anti-plague pills to keep the Black Death away? Well you might find some help during our tour, it´s Alexandr Schamsky, who is my friend. Listen to his ideas and hope for a cure... „

„Looking for an exciting school getaway? Join a public execution or a surgery to cut off some limbs!"

"Are you brave enough to walk down the bloody past of history? That is medieval entertainment. Get your plague protection masks and join the Plague doctors on their shift to the old hospital. You prefer the execution, then join the Nightwatchman with his halberd and lantern."

„Great tour and guide. Personal service Our good experience with this tour company started weeks before we even got here. I emailed for details and got a personal response from David. We were running late for our tour but fortunately Sinan waited for us and even luckier that we were the only ones in the tour. Good amount of walking. Lots of great info about medieval Prague. Sinan really knew his stuff! And the looks we got from other people as Sinan dressed as a watchman complete with halberd and lantern walked through the streets were also entertaining! Great tour, good price, definitely worth the time and money.“
„Fascinating View of Prague's History This was one of the most enjoyable walking tours we have participated in. Dressed in his unique 14th century watchman's garb, David was every part the friendly and knowledgeable watchman, transporting us back to the early days of Prague. Tales of defenestrations, the plague and of public executions were weaved into the historical landmarks of the city as we wandered through it, assured always that we were in the safe hands of one of the city's night watchmen. Imaginative, entertaining and informative. Simply wonderful.“

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